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because I'm fun like that

#41 - Teen Wolf icons for beacon_hills

WOW, I really need to get better at this posting icons thing. I'll... try harder? I just don't even know anymore. I hit my 1000th TW icon, though!

* Credit is appreciated
* Nominations are welcomed
* Hotlinking is majorly frowned on
* As is claiming the icons for yourself, using the blanks as bases or re-posting to Fanpop, etc.
* Comments are AWESOME!
* Previously

20 x icons for beacon_hills 20in20 challenge
24 x alts/rejects
03 x challenge entries for teenwolf_elite

10 themes
hero | villain | human | supernatural | female

male | beginning | end | defeat | triumph

1 episode

artist's choice

Tags: fandom: teen wolf, tv: teen wolf
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