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#11 - Misfits icons & 3 texture sets for inspired20in20

Of course I left this to the last day! I wouldn't expect anything different, LOL. These icons and textures are my submission for this month's challenge at inspired20in20. The theme was resources so participants could make textures (or another resource, I'm thinking?), icons using various resources or both. So I did both and I'm quite happy with the way the icons turned out. The textures are okay, I'm not terribly enthused by them but they're nice and bright.

For the textures I was inspired, somewhat, by the larger tumblr textures in the inspire post so I made my original textures large and then cropped them down to icon sized. I made quite a few and so I've posted them all here. If anyone's keeping track of the textures I've posted these are numbered sets 9-11 but I've only posted up to 5 here in my journal. That means there are still another four sets I'm hoarding that I have to post.

Speaking of hoarding, I have been trying to post all my back icons, some of which I've been keeping for 3 years, if you recall from my last icon post. I apparently gathered up another bunch of icons AND headers/banners/walls I've had and put them in my "to post" folder, then promptly forgot about them. So I've been meaning to make another post for about a month that just didn't get made. My bad.

* Credit is appreciated
* Nominations are welcomed
* Hotlinking is majorly frowned on
* As is claiming the icons for yourself, using the blanks as bases or re-posting to Fanpop, etc.
* Comments are AWESOME!
* Previously

20 icon textures for inspired20in20:

(click image for zip)

Leftover textures /// Originals (500x500 or larger)

(click images for zips)

01 02 03 04

05 06 07 08

09 10 11 12

13 14 15 16

17 18 19 20


21 22

23 24 25 26

27 28 29 30

31 32 33 34
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